Guardians of the Children - Gastonia Chapter 
Don't Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries

Chaplain's Corner

Patching Prayer

Dear God,

We come to YOU asking for YOUR Blessings for this chapter and our organization. Help us to put YOU first, and ask for YOUR Guidance in all of our decisions.

Thank you Father, for giving us such a diverse and talented group of men and women, who have come together to achieve the same goal to protect the Children.

We ask YOU, GOD, to open peoples eyes to child abuse. Give them the courage and passion to make a change in an abused childs life. We ask Father, for YOU to bring these people to us and to give us the resources needed to help these children.

Dear LORD, for every child that crosses our path, show them GOD, that life doesn't have to be full of darkness, hatred and sadness. Help us Lord, to show them courage, self-esteem and love. Show them that they have nothing nor anyone to fear.

We pray, GOD, that YOU will help us to become better men and women, better soldiers for YOU, and better GUARDIANS of the CHILDREN.

All of this we ask in YOUR name.


 Roger "Shooter" Austin, Retired GOC Gastonia